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The blank page can be the scariest thing in the world. Whether you desire to journal, write poetry, tell stories, record travel experiences, or work through intense emotion, this App is a creative *spark* in your pocket. With immersive video prompts, audio prompts, meditations, monthly challenges, and creative community, you'll push through resistance knowing that you have a guide and cheerleader on the journey to your creative center

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Our growing library of over 75 videos tapping into the creative life, pesky resistance, goal-setting, and personal voice will reconnect you to your creative flow and help cultivate a practice that endures

Prompts are the bread and butter of Cafe Radiance. You won't find prompts like 'what are you grateful for?' you'll find prompts like 'how has personal hardship and disappointment changed the way you think about gratitude?'

Creativity happens out in the world. Our growing collection of audio prompts are to be enjoyed while walking, driving, or traveling and each one will pose a creative inquiry for you to ponder the next time you're sitting at the page

Sometimes the reason we avoid our writing and creativity is because it can feel lonely and solitary, there is just so many other things to do! Our community forum connects you with fellow creatives to share notes, wins, and recommendations

Some writers like to dip in when they feel called and others prefer a container to hold them accountable. If the latter is you, our monthly challenges span from 5 days to 20 days and give you a focused way to show up and build a body of work you're proud of

Beginning in September 2023, we will be featuring expert-led sessions on the app from creatives across all sectors of the creative landscape. Prepare to be inspired and moved by this diverse group of artists!

The app is available on Apple and IOS and the desktop platform is included with membership

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Planes, trains, and automobiles (as long as you're not the one driving!). These in-between times can be a playground for undistracted creativity

Writing, interviews, short stories and so much more goodness from creatives all over the world. Go here whenever you need a boost!

Weekly long-form musings and conversations on the writing craft. I've learned so much from this newsletter and it's a gift that keeps giving.

Our Monthly Membership allows you to opt in for a month, season, or half of the year. Access to everything, no strings attached, endless possibility.

Our Annual Membership is a 50% discount (whaaa?) and includes everything + free access to our annual creative e-retreat and premium challenges!



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