Hi, I'm Kat.
Writer, Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon + Rising, Creativity Catalyst, Dog Person

I'm also the Founder of Cafe Radiance and am so excited to meet you! Let's see... what should you know about me....

I’ve been a creative my whole life, but it took me many many mannnnnyyyyy years to claim that. Creativity is such a loaded word. It’s been mislabeled as something that is only available to a select few. I’m here to change that. To me, a creative life is simply a curious, connected and wonder-filled life. We’re all creatives. We all make something from nothing. Today, we unconsciously practice the art of distraction - spending hours online, checking instagram 50 times/day, instead of practicing the art of creative flow. So, what if we took 30 minutes out of our daily screen time to practice creativity? The transformation will amaze you.

My story really began the moment I finally said 'no'. 

It definitely wasn't one of those mic-drop moments where I said 'no' and then my life really took off. If anything, saying 'no' meant that I had to start from zero and rebuild my identity from the ground up. You see, I am one of those people who can sing really well. Growing up I was in every choir, play, talent show. Everyone around me said that I should go to music school and do it for a living. I didn't really know what a 'wise self' was at the time so I said, 'yes, I'll be that'. I got accepted to a music school in Colorado and off I went...

that's when things started to go downhill

I arrived at college with no identity. I had a bully for a roommate and slowly started to become really really small (in body - I stopped eating, and presence - I stopped using my voice). Music school felt like a giant black hole of despair. Suddenly the music stopped being life-giving.
I started to hate singing. 

The TL;DR version


Born with a keen eye for beauty, my first words were "I'm loving that color for you."


Learned what happens when you listen to other people when they say 'you should do that'


Went to Paris for a month by myself. Cafe Radiance was born while wandering the streets of La Marais.

what I know to be true

Our magic is also our
medicine. When we're looking for a way back to Self,

the map lies in what we love.

Creativity led me home.

Amidst the loss of self and consuming depression, my mom gifted me a copy of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. I carried it like a security blanket for 5 years. In writing and witnessing and listening and trying, I kindled a new kind of power. I let creativity and writing lead the way. I learned that everything I was looking for was also looking for me. I just had to be openhearted enough to let myself be found.

I love...







Lastly, I have a big dream.

I’m here to help you reclaim the creative spirit that lives inside of you. Creativity isn’t a book or a painting or a podcast, it’s a worldview of wonder. Your creative callings are how your soul speaks to you. They are how your intuition whispers the way. Cultivating a consistent creative practice is what will allow you to live close to the heart and in flow. I believe that a world that honors creativity is a world that heals and helps. I believe that a world that prioritizes personal creativity is a world that is wealthy and well.

Everything you'll find here exists to lead you back to yourself.

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“Amber is a creative genius and she totally


my brand!”

rocked my world!”

— shanna, food stylist

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