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Hello and welcome to Cafe Radiance! My name is Kat and I am the chief creatrix around here. Cafe Radiance has been out in the world for a full year now which still blows my mind. I have learned so much this year. What began as a solely desktop digital experience will now become an app in a few short months. One of the most important takeaways from my first year of business was this: creativity happens out in the world. Yes, you can sit at your desk and write or paint, but the generative act of creating starts long before you ever sit down to the page. My vision and desire in creating this app is to support you in your creative blossoming out in the world where you need it.

This app can meet you when you are sitting at the park on a beautiful day and desire to do a walking meditation. This app can meet you when you are exploring a new city and wish to be guided to deeper curiosity and wonder. This app can meet you when you’re on the train, commuting home, and want to converse with your inner child through journaling.

I want this app to feel like a friend. The kind of friend that reminds you of your beauty and power and encourages you to spend time with yourself and drop into your joy.

While creativity is the vehicle, self-trust and connection is the destination.

You have all the answers inside of you.

When you are feeling lost or listless or afraid or lonely or stuck, creativity can help you gently sift through the sand to uncover the golden truth buried beneath all the pain.

When you are feeling joyful and alive and connected, creativity can help you harness that power into generative beauty and service and inspiration.

I’m so excited that you’re here and I’m so excited to introduce you to the app when she is ready.

This is the start of a beautiful friendship.



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About Cafe Radiance

Cafe Radiance is a home for the creative spirit. Through soulful prompts and programs we help you find your way back to your creative center one day at a time.



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I’m here to help you reclaim the creative spirit that lives inside of you. Creativity isn’t a book or a painting or a podcast, it’s a worldview of wonder. Your creative callings are how your soul speaks to you. They are how your intuition whispers the way.

Cultivating a consistent creative practice is what will allow you to live close to the heart and in flow. I believe that a world that honors creativity is a world that heals and helps. I believe that a world that prioritizes personal creativity is a world that is wealthy and well. I'm so excited to be on this journey with you!

Hello, love!
I'm Kat.

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