work of art?

What if your whole life felt like a work of art?

What if your whole life felt like a

I made this for you

Hello, I'm Kat.
Here are 10 things it would feel weird not to tell you...

1. I'm a wounded artist who found a way to keep making things
2. I speak in poetic prose which is very confusing to my Dad
3. I had the idea for Cafe Radiance while walking by a yoga studio in Paris. The thought 'I wish they had something like this for creativity' floated through my head and here we are
4. Paris is my favorite place. 
5. I don't operate my business or my life under the impression that creativity is about making art. I believe that creativity is a worldview, one that is chosen and cultivated. That worldview creates a better life and a better world. 
6. I cringe when I hear someone say, 'Oh no, I'm not the creative one' and wish I could find a better way of hiding it. Or maybe I don't.
7. In school, I thought I would be a professional singer. I dropped out after two semesters because something important became very clear:
I'd rather be a writer who sings than a singer who writes.
8. I've had a million jobs over my life, retail sales, communications, event planning, smoothie making, burger flipping, floral designing, personal styling, personal assisting. This one is my favorite by far.
9. I feel out of sorts when I don't have a book with me
10. My favorite people are the ones who have been taken down by life, get up, and make something from it 

I'm so glad you're here <3

Creativity will transform your life from the inside out. Here are just a few of the ways it will...

You'll regain personal power and self trust.

You'll learn to seek your own counsel before opening it up to the peanut gallery. You'll begin to hear your Wise Self speak.

You'll wake up to wonder and joyfulness.

When you begin to unblock the river of creativity inside of you, it will feel like you've pushed the 'enhance' button on life.

You'll get clear on what you actually want (and what you don't)

Lack of confidence, feelings of codependence, fear of failure and change will start feeling less suffocating. You'll finally really know your worth, value and purpose.

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"A creative life is an amplified life. It's a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life. Continually bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you

is a fine art in and of itself."

- Elizabeth Gilbert

"Kat will gather up the truth inside you that you’ve been longing to meet

and plant it."

The tangible things she gives you to leave with are truly gifts from a wise woman—every person wanting to connect more deeply to themselves, their bodies, their mission on the planet and their Truth could benefit. Thank you for this blessing, Kat!"

- Amy S.

“Amber is a literal creative genius and what she created for my business

is damn sexy!”

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It's never too late

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